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Welcome to 3D Aquaponic Solutions

Gardening Designed With You in Mind

Absolute Control


Grow food with no hassle

Let us tell you how

Organic and All-natural

No harmful chemicals or pesticides

Continuous Food Growth 

Shorter reaping times


I have been an owner of an aquaponic system from 3D Aquaponic Solutions, for the past 3 years. My daughter has fallen in love with having this system, so much so that she has taken part of it to grow her own plants and enjoys feeding and looking at the fishes every day. It has given her a new excitement about gardening and eating healthy. 


​I never needed to add any additional nutrients to the system, the fishes are happy, healthy and grow everything we have put in the system thus far. The maintenance is easy and quick and produces a lot for a small system. 


I had a neighbour mention Aquaponics to me, I had no idea what it was. So I contacted 3D Aquaponic Solutions on Facebook and purchased my first system. They gave me a plethora of information on aquaponics gardening. How easy it actually is to understand and how the system works, step by step assistance whenever required. ​What I like most about my system, it's trouble free and organic.


All I have to do is feed the fishes and tend to the plants. No chemicals required. You literally see the plants grow daily. It's impressive.

Various Customers

I've tried all other lettuce, imported, locally farmed organic, hydroponics and traditional. None of them tasted as great or lasted as long as the ones from 3D Aquaponic Solutions.


This is lettuce that you don't need any salad dressing to enjoy.​


This ginger is top of the line. I haven't seen ginger this rich in a long time. My grandmother loves it.

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